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Why You Should
Get Involved in Local Governance

When you're involved, we're ready to dialogue and bring development.

  • Invest your way
  • Stay on top of the local government issues
  • Benefit from your local authorities
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What we do


Marketing of the District Assembly as attractive locations for tourist and businesses. Attract investors into the district and project the district to the outside world


To coordinate and integrate the execution of programmes and projects under approved development plans for the district, any and other development programmes promoted or carried out by Ministries departments.


Guide, encourage and support sub-district local government bodies, public agencies and local communities to discharge their roles in the execution of approved development plans;


Monitor the execution of projects under approved development plans and assess and evaluate their impact on the people’s development, the local, district and national economy.


Sound financial management of the Assembly’s resource and is headed by the Municipal Finance Officer. The department is composed of two divisions, ie. Revenue and Expenditure.

Spatial Planning

Perform the spatial, land use and settlements planning functions of the national development planning system established under the National Development Planning Commission Act.

Our Values

Get involve in the development process

We formulate and execute plans, programs, and strategies for effective mobilization of resources necessary for the overall development of the District.

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Our Mission

To improve the living standards of its people through good governance and effective mobilization and judicious utilization of both human and material resources on a sustainable basis.

Our Vision

A peaceful district with equitable representation, vibrant economy, access to quality education and health service, food security and a sound environment.